I'm going to hope this is the best place to post this question, if not will a mod please move it for me?

I'm very, very much a pepper novice. A pepper newbie doesn't begin to explain where I am in my pepper education. I play around with several different dried, ground varieties from a couple of the better spice houses and buy some fresh on occasion and preferably hen they are labeled or I can ID them. Lately I have been experimenting with things like, Aleppo, Cascabel, Ancho, Anaheim and Cayenne peppers.

I need suggestions of good sites to start my education into cooking with peppers. I prefer those on the milder end of things, mild to medium heat but I enjoy plenty of pepper flavor! I am particularly interested in learning about which peppers give a front end heat as soon as you put the food in your mouth and which will give a shot of heat later in the bite when you are about to swallow or have just swallowed the bite of food. Can anyone here suggest a few for each of those categories?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer,