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Share Pepper Pics
Share Pepper Pics

Share pics of your current crop! Let us know what the pepper is and any additional info about it!

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Nellie Musignac
Just here for the peppers!
These are a variety of pics... the only peppers are from last year (submitted on ID thread). The rest are the few food producing things I have in the garden, the rest of my stuff is sunflowers and wildflowers lol... (More)
Bolivian Rainbow plants I grew last year. Gave a few away as gifts. Super easy to grow. They pretty & hot! Great little ornamentals.
Gorgeous edible ornamental peppers, the NuMex Cinco de Mayo.
Here's a small last season harvest of my yellow scotch bonnets, quite hot! I dig making hot sauces or salsa with them. Very ripe fish peppers on the left (beautiful peppers, note the stripes on the stems and leaves). Brazilian... (More)