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Pepper Identification
Pepper Identification

Post images of peppers you are trying to identify to the community. We will do our best to figure out what you've got going on there.

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I received some mystery dried peppers from a neighbor a few years back and decided to try to plant some of the seeds...and to my surprise they started growing! The peppers aren't quite ripe yet, so perhaps I'm posting this... (More)
This small wrinkly pepper has a uniquely matte skin, not like the usual glossy, shiny skins. Does anyone know what it is? Was grown with 2 dozen other peppers and somehow lost the label for this one. Thank you so... (More)
I purchased a bag of mini sweet peppers from my grocery store (in Los Angeles), like always I grilled them with oil and salt, like always. Last night I bit into a pepper from the bag and was unfortunately surprised….HEAT... (More)
Need help identifying this pepper. Not sweet…