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Pepper Identification
Pepper Identification

Post images of peppers you are trying to identify to the community. We will do our best to figure out what you've got going on there.

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Pepper identify small 1 inch in clusters ,was gift Thanks all I want to dry them and grind into pepper seeds hopefully,present from sister-in-law
I got seeds for some tiny dried oval Chilis from an older lady who said they used to grow them in Afghanistan in her childhood. So I am trying to find out what kind of Chili they might be. According... (More)
Hello all~Can anyone kindly ID this pepper for me? I can't use it if I don't know what it is. I was growing wiri wiri and one other I can't grows upright, resembles light a Christmas tree bulb, but... (More)
Hi all. Can wiri wiri peppers mature to orange instead of red? I'm getting close to harvesting my very first crop but none are yet red or even turning at all red. And I don't want to leave them too... (More)