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Cayenne Diane
Pepper Gal
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is your favorite pepper?

Share a photo of your favorite pepper, to eat, grow, whatever! And let us know what it is. 🌶

My favorite peppers are Tabasco and Hot Banana Peppers

Ghost peppers and red thai chili peppers. I can't just choose one !!!

What is your favorite pepper?

Naga Morich!  When these lil' fellas get jarred in Bangladesh the oil becomes a thing of poetry (or pick)

Piri Piri (African Birdseye). 

Small round little heat pellets. One of the most distinct fresh tastes ever.

What is your favorite pepper?

I like shishito peppers -- the cook up so nicely. You can eat them on their own. And it's sort of like playing "pepper roulette" as some will be surprisingly hot!

Guajillo for my chili

I really dig Manzano peppers. I think I need to grow those next season.