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Skip Pallesen
Retired Chemist
Asked a question 4 years ago

I am thinking of growing some datil peppers this spring. This is one type I have never tried. Are they subject to any pests? Any special growing conditions I should know about?

Share a photo of your favorite pepper, to eat, grow, whatever! And let us know what it is. 🌶

@Skip Pallesen133  I think growing Datil peppers would be great. I've never grown them, so I don't know if they prefer a warm climate, but they are grown a lot in Florida. Did you know there's a whole Datil pepper festival in Florida every year?

Datil peppers are small, spicy yellow peppers that are highly popular with the people of St. Augustine. The origins of the plant are unclear, but they are now almost exclusively grown year-round in the St. Augustine region of Florida, making datil peppers particularly special to its people. Local chefs use datil peppers to make various spicy dishes, or you can buy delicious datil sauces and jellies at the farmer’s markets around town.