I have been growing peppers from seeds for over two decades. For much of that time I do fifty pots each year. Most of the peppers are your common garden variety such as bell, banana, serrano and jalapenos that I could pick up plants from a nursery but I enjoy growing them from seed. Other peppers I grow such as guajillo, pasilla and chile de arbol are not available as plants from places here. This season has not started out as I would like. I bought my seeds last November from a well-known company because they had one variety I could not find elsewhere. This was my first time with this company. I got nine varieties and they went into cowpots in mid-February. To date, not one seed has germinated out of my fifty pots. I usually plant three seeds per pot and keep the strongest looking one. I have ordered new packets of seeds from a different company I have used before, along with more seed starting soil and cowpots.