I converted an old 75–gallon aquarium into my greenhouse for starting my pepper seeds. Nighttime temperatures average 65°F and daytime temperature averages 84°F. My lighting is from a reef tank and was used to grow corals so the lighting approximates sunlight. I have two T5 Fluorescent bulbs and an LED module. They are all on timers, with the fluorescent bulbs turning on at 0600 and off at 2000 and the LED module turning on at 0900 and off at 1800. I have a trough of water that provides humidity by evaporation. The average humidity averages 55% overnight while the humidity at noon averages 22%. I will be planting the seeds in mid to late February. Germination ranges from six days to fifteen days. I have better luck planting the seedlings in containers than in the ground. I only wish more of my guajillo peppers would ripen to red before the first frost.