Hello, everyone. New here, just stumbled on the pepper vatieties page and figured I'd ask about my mystery peppers from last year!

I got a plant from a plant event in my community. Repotted, and it started to grow. Fruit happened. I was like, wooo!!! But I have no clue what the kind of pepper it was. I researched, and ended up asking on my fb (where the picture is from, it just popped on my memories and renwed my curiosity). I figured maybe it was a scotch bonnet of sorts, but not even the people that gave me the plant knew. Lol

You bet your good peppers I tried one too... lol it was somewhat sweet, and initially I didn't feel any heat. It took a few seconds of chewing, before I was hit with back of the throat heat. HEAT!! Now, I'm a heat wuss, even tho I'm from the Caribbean and I'm apparently supposed to be immune or something... but I'm not. It was definitely a "spicy jalapeño", in my book. Note: jalapeños are pretty spicy to me, but also I dont like the pickled jalapeños everyone puts on their nachos, so there is that...

Anyway, anyone could give it a try and help me find out what this was?

Thanks in advance, and have a great day. Stay safe!