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What are you growing?
What are you growing?

Share what peppers, or other foods, your are growing this season and why. Let the community how your harvest turned out and how you enjoyed your crop.

I bought scotch bonnet seeds, started the germination process 2 weeks ago, and still no germination, but the other Hinkelhatz germinated 5 days ago, my question is Scotch Bonnet a slow grower
I germinated and then planted some seeds I took from my mother, they came out very similar to Thai pepper, the fruit grows upward, it starts very light green and after 2 weeks it starts turning Orange from the tip.... (More)
Keeping it small this year and growing a couple of my favorites, Brazilian Starfish and habaneros.
The seedlings went in the ground today. Some of the seedlings were halfway to the top of the 75 gallon tank and if I had waited until after the days of rain they are predicting, I'm afraid they would have... (More)