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Share Pepper Pics
Share Pepper Pics

Share pics of your current crop! Let us know what the pepper is and any additional info about it!

Jason Cooley
THAT SWEET HEAT LLC - Accounting / Operations Planning / IT
Hello and hope everyone is doing well. This is a picture of the type of habaneros we grow organically compared to market habaneros. Market is located in Austin, Texas where a recent visit surprised us that the peppers were so... (More)
Nellie Musignac
Just here for the peppers!
These are a variety of pics... the only peppers are from last year (submitted on ID thread). The rest are the few food producing things I have in the garden, the rest of my stuff is sunflowers and wildflowers lol... (More)
Bolivian Rainbow plants I grew last year. Gave a few away as gifts. Super easy to grow. They pretty & hot! Great little ornamentals.
Gorgeous edible ornamental peppers, the NuMex Cinco de Mayo.