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Pepper Identification
Pepper Identification

Post images of peppers you are trying to identify to the community. We will do our best to figure out what you've got going on there.

Hi I recently bought some peppers, but when I asked the seller to identify them ... he said "Hot Peppers" They are very common I know, I can identify some, but would like to identify all before I start cooking.... (More)
Hi experts. Would you mind identifying this pepper plant? I bought the seed online, thought I had bought rainbow pepper few months ago. As it grows, i notice it doesnt resemble a rainbow pepper: green an red only, not sure... (More)
I'm new to this group so Hello to all of you. Does anyone know what type of chillies these are please? I thought Serrano to start with but these have a pointy end which the Serrano doesn't. Thanks very much... (More)
A friend of mine brought me the peppers in the picture and sent me a picture of the plant, the leaves are black and the fruit turns black after red, SHU is about Jalapeno, it has a fruity taste, very... (More)