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Omar commented 12 hours ago
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This morning I started the germination process for 8 seeds of each type of chilies

Capsicum Chinese: Carolina Reaper, Apocalypse Scorpion, and Bhut Jolokia Chocolate

Capsicum annum: Rezha Macedonian

Capsicum Baccatum: Lemon Drop and Brazillian Starfish

Wish me luck
Omar commented 12 hours ago
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Can anyone help me identify this pepper. The lady at the greenhouse had them labeled as Caribbean Reds but don't speak that's what they were. Hotter than a jalapeno with a really nice fruity flavor. It made some great hot... (More)
Omar commented 3 days ago
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Hybrid Growers
Question: Can a Carolina Reaper be crossbred with a Chocolate Fatali.
I only ask because of this tail formation... They grew up next to each other.